MMC Error – 18ea3f92-d6aa–41d9-a205-2023400c8fbb

While building a new Server 2008 Terminal Server i came across a rather unusual issue. The resolution for this was rather simple but did take some time for me to locate and action. Therefore I’m going to put up my summary of the issue for any others that come across this.

Server 2008 Standard Installation x64
Added Terminal Server Role
Ran Windows Updates
Fault: Loading any MMC Snapin resulted in an error


So you can see my predicament.

A quick search of common places led me to believe the issue was with .net 2.0 Framework. This was installed during my server build for the TS Role.
I attempted to download and reinstall .net 2.0 Framework however it failed due to the package already being installed.

A posting on another avid blogger of his job related IT faults* showed me a resolution that I’m happy to report worked for me.
Step 1:

Browse to C:WindowsMicrosoft.NETFramework64v2.0.50727CONFIG
Step 2:

Rename (or delete, but in IT we should never do this) the file called “machine.config” to “machine.config.faulty” or similarly just rename it or move it.
Step 3:

Rename “machine.config.default” to “machine.config”

Working Server Manager once more.

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