Convert VMware to HyperV

With HyperV beginning to make a dent into the small/medium business world as a solid virtualization solution some of us will need to migrate servers across from VMware to HyperV. There are naturally many many ways to achieve this goal. Personally i have tried Backup Exec Intelligent Disaster Recovery, Acronis True Image with Universal Restore & Windows Backup to name a few.

The release of Microsoft System Center Essentials encouraged me to try SCVMM to conver 3 vmware machines.
All 3 conversions failed from an oobe setup of SCVMM due to issues with NIC, disk drives and a SQL Server timeout (bad switch). These turned out to be because of Trend Micro AntiVirus so make sure you disable AV before trying it. The servers that failed the conversion ran Server 2003/2008 Operating systems. This lead me to search for other options when converting.

I followed an old guide here on technet from 2008.

Converting my Server 2008 server worked ok. For this i went from step 6 onwards.
Converting the Server 2003 servers went a little differently. Both of them had vdmk’s split over 2GB so i had to resolve that first, see
Once done i used the same method as the guide with 1 change, rather than adding a virtual HDD on an IDE controller i simply added a CD/DVD-ROM drive on IDE 0-1, which has less messing with vmdk files.
Converting them after this went the same as my server 2008 conversion above.

All 3 VM’s are now running as HyperV Guests with only 1 minor issue. When i assigned the old IP addresses to the new NIC’s windows gave me an error that they were already in use. This meant the old NIC’s weren’t removed. To do this simply open command prompt with elevated rights and type “SET DEVMGR_SHOW_NONPRESENT_DEVICES=1″. Then open Device Manager and go to View-> Show Hidden Devices. Then Uninstall the old VMware NIC’s.

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