How to use CTX200343 in a multi-tenanted environment


Citrix released CTX200343 on December 19th to deal with their expired APNS Cert from Apple.
The solution for this is to find the old certificate “ZPMDM_APNS_PROD.p12” in /tomcat/webapps/zdm/WEB-INF and replace it with a new one.


However this solution will not work for those using the MTC (Multi-Tenant Console) as the tenants are deployed from a .war file which contains the old cert.
Similarly any changes to the tenant will result in a re-deployment which will also copy the .war file again.


1. Take a copy of the .war file in the XenMobile Installation Media.
2. Rename this to .zip.
3. Extract and open folder.
4. Browse to /WEB-INF/.
5. Download the new cert from CTX200343 and extract the file.
6. Copy the new ZPMDM_APNS_PROD.p12 file to the /WEB-INF/ directory.
7. Create a new ZIP file with the contents of the root extracted folder which contains the new cert.
8. Rename the .zip to .war
9. Delete the existing .war from the MTC and upload the new .war to the MTC.
10. Deploy the tenants with the new WAR

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