Integrating XenMobile 10 with XenApp/XenDesktop 7.6

I came across an issue while attempting to integrate XM10 and XD 7.6
I followed the usual guides to publish XenMobile and XenDesktop via the NetScaler and individually both worked fine. However i wanted to publish my XenDesktop apps into WorxHome directly and not need a second configuration for Receiver.

I followed the guide as laid out by Citrix in the edocs – as you can see it appears to be a little light on details. What is missing from Edocs is the configuration for the XenMobile Gateway (or traditionally AppC Gateway on NetScaler) and the Storefront configuration.

So if you are getting the published applications in WorxHome but are getting an error in receiver upon launching “Could not add account” then this post is for you.


This is the standard setup when using 2 NetScaler Gateways – One for XenDesktop and the other for XenMobile (MAM) and having followed the edocs article to add the PNAGENT config.

Step 1. NetScaler Setup

Ensure on your NetScaler Gateway for XenMobile (MAM) that you have the STA for the XenMobile Server(s) and also the XenDesktop Controller(s).


Step 2. Storefront Setup

Add the XenMobile Gateway to Storefront as a NetScaler Gateway Appliance.
Configure the STA to contain the XenDesktop Controller STA

STA Config


And finally enable the new NSG for the Store you use


Hope this helps someone else out there who runs the wizards and finds them falling short.

3 thoughts on “Integrating XenMobile 10 with XenApp/XenDesktop 7.6

  1. Pat

    Hi Conor,
    great article but I still have some issues.

    It is unclear to me what value to put in the XM10 config as ‘IP or FQDN of XenMobile server.
    It is a virtual appliance and the only hostname I’ve assigned to it is the public hostname.

    Why you need to put xenmobile10 STA? Why is not enough the xendesktopcontroller STA?



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