Logitech Performance MX

I predominantly use this mouse because it is a laser mouse, because it looks like the Delta Flyer and because its pretty. If I’m honest i saw the chance to change my mouse for very little and felt it was worth the effort. My previously mentioned colleague Joe had terrible luck with the Logitech MX1100. So now that this new “goddess” has walked into my life i said goodbye to the MX1100 and hello to the Performance MX.

To date, running about a week on a single purchase charge of the battery the mouse is still going. A quick check of the logitech software, which i love, and I’m told that the battery is “low”. Pity really as i plan on playing some more Modern Warfare 2, buying X-Mas presents and general server messing with tonight. However as i speak i have plugged in the extremely handy USB cable and hey presto it’s charging and more importantly still working as i use it. I think Logitech copped something. Cradled mice need to have the PC on in order to charge them, the charge is slow and .. annoying. You cannot even use the mouse while its charging. Also what’s the point in docking the mouse when you turn off your PC for the night?

So it seems that they copied the XBOX 360 method, charge as you play. If this mouse’ battery runs out it will simply become a corded mouse, never a non functioning one. Quite like the humble escalator, it doesn’t break it becomes a staircase.

The unifying receiver is a welcome bonus, however i have no Logitech Keyboard, pointer or otherwise capable device to connect with. The size of the damned thing still impresses me as i look at these photo’s. It is simply astonishing and the amount of USB Dongle problems that a slim and tiny (almost flush) USB receiver can solve by existing.

The Receiver is Unifying or Tiny take your pick

It’s comfortable, its large which is frankly great for me as i have big hands/long fingers. I found the MX1100 to be stumpy and stiff in comparison. Overall comfort is great and the mouse works perfectly on my worn wooden desk. Distance has not been an issue, however if you use the mouse for a Media Center setup then you may require more distance than your standard PC desk. Logitech even provide a USB extender cable for just that with a slightly stylish design so you won’t feel too put out be the trailing cable.

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