StoreFront Error: “Cannot complete your request”

SF Error

Here’s a weird one that I wanted to share with the world.

I came across an issue where I got the dreaded “Cannot complete your request” error in Storefront.
At first I knew this must be one of 5 or 6 things and began to investigate all of them as seen on CTX133904

However none of these fixed the issue. Strangely the issue only occurred in load balanced SF setup. When I accessed the site directly I was prompted with the correct authentication screen. Enabling verbose logging in Storefront shed no light on the possible cause either. I turned my focus to my new NetScaler 10.5 appliance that I had been using for this LB feature. As it turns out the “IC” or Integrated Caching feature was enabled and was causing this. Disabling this feature resolved the issue.
So if you have the “Cannot complete your request” error in Receiver for Web and CTX133904 doesn’t solve your problem then take a look at disabling Integrated Caching on your NetScaler.


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