WD TV Live Media Player

I purchased this device from www.pixmania.ie and having looked up reviews and features it seemed to do all i wanted. There are a few other devices that will do the same thing but my reasons for choosing this device were.

1. FULL 1080 Support with every codec i use
2. Its neat, small and has a remote.
3. DTS output means the world to me with my setup and not having this would be criminal.
4. Simple things like youtube, radio and USB support.
5. Most importantly, network streaming. I use my desktop to hold all my data in a RAID 5 so I’m not keen to copy to a USB HDD each time i want to watch something. Lan streaming was a MUST.

To setup i plugged it into Samsung 32″ LCD in the bedroom via the HDMI cable that it did NOT come bundled with . Connected it to the network and it detected and applied 2 firmware updates immediately which is always nice.

Admittedly like all users of this device i found connecting the WD to my Win 7 Shares to be a painstaking task. Thanks to “thecomputerguyonline” on youtube and some general messing i managed to get the shares working. The key thing is to allow anonymous to be included in the Everyone group. Once this is working the shares will be accessible and you can begin to enjoy the beauty of HD with DTS into your HD Setup.

How to allow anonymous to be a member of the Everyone Group:
Click Start, click Run, type regedit, and then click OK.
Locate and click the following registry key:
Right-click EveryoneIncludesAnonymous, and then click Modify.
To enable anonymous users to be members of the Everyone security group, in the Value data box, type 1.
Quit Registry Editor.

Once this is done simply share your folders to be read/write allowed to the group Everyone.

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